Kylie Jenner is one of the latest celebrities to fall victim to a Twitter hack, and on Sunday (June 5) she assured her followers she wasn't behind a string of vulgar messages sent from her account. Hey, if social hacks can happen to Mark Zuckerberg they can happen to anyone, right?

The tweets, which Kylie has since deleted, included racial slurs and statements including "i want ur c*ck @justinbieber," and "@Tyga's dick bends like a banana." You can see more of the removed messages in this screen cap, and also this one (offensive language warning, obviously).

Another update read, "miss u both @taylorswift13 @katyperry," presumably a reference to Katy Perry's May 30 Twitter hack, which had included the non-Katy-approved message "miss you baby @taylorswift13."

Kylie confirmed the hack in a series of Snapchat messages on Sunday evening, for those who actually thought the lip kit mogul would fire off such candid messages as "I love being so famous with no talent."

"Mmmm, so my Twitter was hacked. I don't really care," she said in one snap, between bites of her pretzel snack. "I'm just letting them have fun."

Another impostor tweet had announced that the rumored sex tape between her and her ex Tyga was "trash" — so Kylie took this opportunity to maintain that the tape doesn't even exist. And even if it did? You'd never see it.

"Everyone is like 'leak the sex tape,'" Jenner said in her second snap. "Guys: You are never going to see a sex tape from me. It's not going to happen. So."

Witness Kylie's true unflappability in the video below — and after that, go ahead and change your passwords.

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