If you want your pup to be a star, you better act quick. Today is the final day to send in a video of your adorable furry friend to star in one of Starlight Theatre's summer shows. 

Every summer, Rock Valley College's Starlight Theatre's actors perform incredible shows for the entire community to enjoy.

The audition process starts in the spring (or winter depending on what you consider the end of February), then there are months of rehearsals and finally in the summer we all get to enjoy their efforts on stage.

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This year the musicals Starlight is producing are: Guys and Dolls, Newsies, The Color Purple, Beauty and the Beast and Legally Blonde!

And Legally Blonde needs your puppies. And dogs, too.

If you recall, one of the big stars of the show is Bruiser Woods. Elle's Chihuahua who basically lives in her purse.

But Bruiser isn't the only furry guy the show needs. They also need a dog to play Rufus Bonafonte, a medium sized bulldog who belongs to the lovable character Paulette.

Now, if you want your puppy to be a star, you have to think fast! Today, April 10, 2024 is the final day to get your dog video auditions in.

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If you're interested, send a video of your dog to RVCStarlightTheatre@gmail.com.

In the press release, Starlight wanted to remind you that the animals (just like the humans) won't get paid for their role in the show. But maybe you can get some free tickets?

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