Happy birthday, leap babies! Let's all celebrate with these sweet leap day deals.

Leap day only comes around every four years, so we should definitely celebrate even if we don't know anyone with a birthday today.

How can we celebrate? With these awesome deals, including a super weird one from Arby's.

  1. Arby's is offering a meat-free menu just for today. Why? We have no idea. But the "we have the meats" company is getting attention because of their one day only vegetarian menu.
  2. Pizza hut is offering a free personal pan pizza for anyone with a birthday today.
  3. Olive Garden has a dessert deal for leap babies on their Facebook page.
  4. Foot Locker is giving everyone 15% off of their $70+ orders.
  5. Travelocity is hooking everyone up with up to 30% off flight and hotel bookings.
  6. Victoria's Secret is helping you celebrate leap day with free shipping and returns with any swim purchase.
  7. Payless has a deal in-store and online, 29% off everything.
  8. Target's cartwheel deal has 29% off specific items, which is crazy great!

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