Will you be apply to be a Green Monkey? Or a Silver Snake?

Holy moly, one of my favorite childhood TV shows is getting a reboot and the timing is hilarious.

For some reason, that I'm not fully aware of... last week I walked around the 97ZOK studios trying to find someone who remembered Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

When it came to my fellow DJs I was out of luck. Apparently I was the only kid who was glued to the TV in the 90s. But to be fair, Producer MJ was just a toddler and my radio brothers were already working here in the 90s.

So, I had to venture in the halls and finally found a few other co-workers who knew two of my favorite childhood shows. Then we started talking about Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts and I think I maybe convinced MJ to YouTube all these shows next time she's home sick.

Or maybe she can just apply to be on the new Legends of the Hidden Temple with me!

We could totally be the next Silver Snakes.

And we really could because the new version of Legends of the Hidden Temple will be an adult game on the new streaming network, Quibi, according to E News.

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