Have you ever noticed that when you drive by a gym that all of the equipment in the front windows are treadmills and eliptical machines?

There's actually a reason for that; it's because cardio machines are most commonly associated with "easier" workouts, which makes it easier to draw in new members that might be looking for something less advanced than say, lift weights or do cross fit. Personal trainers admit that this set up is actually quite effective.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work the same way in a bakery. Bakeries, much like gyms, also keep their most enticing items behind glass- you just have to go inside the store to see them; which is why I love that By the Dozen Bakery decided to use some old school rap lyrics to lure the customers inside.

Once you're in, instead of rows filled with stationary bikes and rowing machines, it's nothing but donuts, cookies and cakes.

Thanks for the smile, By the Dozen.

Donut recognize the lyrics? This should help.

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