Here comes the bride, all dressed in and blue.

They say diamonds are a girls best friend; and if that girl just happens to be a Cubs fan, a diamond is so much more than just the sparkling symbol of love that sits upon her finger.

It's Saturday afternoons sitting on her daddy's lap learning about balls and strikes; a middle school field trip; it's a Friday night with the girls drinking beers in the bleachers, and it's watching the man she loves get down on one knee after the Cubs win the World Series to ask for her hand in marriage and she tearfully said, "yes!"

For die hard Cubs fans, a proposal at Wrigley Field is nothing out of the ordinary, but now, they can get married at Wrigley...well, sort of.

According to DNA Info, couples can get married next to the field at the new American Airlines Conference Center, the newest addition to the ballpark's "campus."

The center has conference rooms that can fit 15-250 people, ballroom style spaces that open up to a beautiful patio that overlooks the park at Wrigley Field, and you know there's a jumbo screen so you and your guests can watch the game.

In addition to weddings, the American Airlines Conference Center is the perfect place to hold breakfast meetings, bar mitvahs and a host of other events- like your bridal shower.

To learn more and see what they have to offer you can see it all here or visit

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