One of the newest and tiniest Cubs fans was born on the day the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Nora Rose Benson is her name, and while everyone else had to wait over 100 years to see this historic event, little Nora only had to wait one hour. She was born during the ninth inning of the World Series game right here in Rockford. Her big brother who is 3, and also a Cubs fan was excited for the win, but not as excited as he was about having a little sister, according to

Nora's parents were thinking of making her middle name Addison, but instead decided to stick with Rose as they had originally planned. No matter what her name is, this little girl was born on a very special day. And I have no doubt that she will be a Chicago Cubs fan for life. And hopefully she will see many more wins for the Cubs like the one she witnessed on her birthday.