Was there some kind of thunderstorm last night? It was hard to tell with all of your posts on social media yesterday; lots of photos on Facebook and Snapchat of huge hail and down pours.

I seriously missed it, the storm must've missed South Beloit or we just happened to leave the gym as it was heading our way. All the storm action I caught was second hand through Facebook.

WIFR Meteorologist, Mark Henderson, was seeing all the posts on social media too, and just like any other weather person; he went above and beyond to make sure that the Rockford area had the latest and most accurate information on severe weather in our area.

And when I say he went above and beyond, he really did with this PSA about lightning; proving that grammar and spelling are extremely important when describing severe weather.

Mark says,

Mark Henderson via Facebook
Mark Henderson via Facebook

Mark may have lost his Whitney, but it's good to see that he hasn't lost his wit.

Well, now that we've cleared that up, should we look at some of your storm photos?

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