Imagine finding out you're pregnant with your very first child; instantly, you're filled with mixed emotions- happiness, skepticism, fear, whatever other emotions that exist, you probably felt them that day.

But it was mostly joy the day your child was born, but that turned into fear and confusion because you started to notice that something was special about your child. You already knew he or she was "quirky" but not in the same way as other children. Maybe they had the inability to make eye contact or communicate with others; there's even been times when you've been at the store and had to leave because without warning, your baby boy or girl went from happily hopping down the toy aisle to kicking and screaming on the floor while hitting themselves.

It can be a terrifying and confusing experience but that's the reality for some parents of children with autism. The above scenario actually happened to a friend of mine and it was that incident that prompted them to finally seek help and get a proper diagnosis.

Since finding out their son has autism, their life has gotten somewhat easier but they take it day by day. The biggest struggle they face is finding a safe environment for their son to play with others; they've even gone as far as creating a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a special playroom in their home but they were never able to reach their goal.

Thankfully, for families in the Stateline area, one local mom was able to turn her basement into a sensory gym for her son and now, according to WIFR, she wants to open a similar gym to the public; here in Rockford.

If you want to help Jamie Dornink reach her goal and make this Superhero Center a reality, you can visit her GoFundMe page to make a donation. So far, they've only raised $1,040; the goal is $50,000. Let's help Jamie make this dream a reality for every family in the Stateline who has a child with autism.

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