Tis the season to order a ton of stuff online and wait for everything to be delivered. But don't forget, all that stuff needs to be delivered by a person.

Growing up my family was lucky because we had the same mailman for almost my entire life. Dan was awesome and we all knew him well enough to understand his job and appreciate that he went out of his way to help us when we were out of town or when I ordered one million things that didn't really fit in the mailbox.

Dan has since retired, but I have a new courier friend, Anna, who is also an avid 97ZOK listener.

Anna and I chat on the 97ZOK app from time to time and this week she sent me the sweetest photo of what a local family left on the porch for her and the other couriers in the area.


Anna's message to me was, 'This literally made my day yesterday!!! 🖤😍.'

Anna also wanted us all to remember this:

I am a courier and I implore everyone to send their gifts and order their presents sooner rather then later. We are already all slammed with an outrageous amount of stops. PSA. Ship now don't wait. There are a lot of shipping delays from all the services being already overwhelmed from online shopping increased due to covid. Have your porch lights on when it gets dark! Have your address CLEARLY day/night. Fun fact, if you house doesn't have an address up... We don't have to deliver your package. (can't confirm address) Be kind to your couriers, we are already worn out and doing our best to get your parcels to you. :)

So even if Anna isn't your awesome courier, remember whoever is getting those packages to you is working their butt off in the cold and eventually snow and trying their best to get your packages too them, so let's do our best... and maybe leave out some goodies, for all of them.

Thanks for the message, Anna!

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