I'm pretty sure everyone had that ONE event cancelled this Summer that just hurt a little more than the rest. For me, it's Lollapalooza. I look forward to Lolla all year long. I've been 9 times and I was SO excited for my tenth year.

And even though we can't go to Lolla for real this year, we still get something AMAZING. Picture this - Lolla, but it's free, and you're on your couch. That's exactly what's happening!

Lolla will still happen on the original dates for the in-person event AKA July 30-Aug. 2. But Billboard details -

The free, four-night broadcast will air exclusively on YouTube beginning at 6:00 p.m. ET every night, with the full schedule of performers slated for reveal on Wednesday (July 29).

And just because it's virtual doesn't mean the line up is anything short of Lolla's normal incredibly impressive schedule. Check it out -

How can they pull this off? The Lolla archives. A lot of the performances will be re-broadcasted from past year's of Lolla. But there's also a ton of acts performing live sets. All the Lolla deets you need you can find on their website.

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