Summer is officially over which means you're going to be spending more time hanging with your friends indoors, maybe at Aero Ale House where they are serving up some crazy delicious appetizers.

Most of my Facebook and Instagram feed is packed with food.

And I love to see what's going on at Rockford's best restaurants which means I follow Aero Ale House in Loves Park and this morning when I ran across this photo I did a double take.


Mac and cheese bites.

You'd think there's a more perfect food out there, but you'd be wrong. Mac and cheese bites are for everyone. The young, the old, the picky eaters, the advanced palettes.

For everyone, I'm telling you.

I'm not exactly sure where the asparagus and bruschetta are in this photo but I love them both so I'm willing to stop by and them them, especially when they're paired with heavenly tomato bisque for dipping.

Have you tried them?

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