It's totally too early to put up your Christmas tree, but it is NOT too early to order your wine advent calendar.

Things I've learned in 2019... your hair looks better if you cut it regularly, frozen raspberries should be in everyone's freezer, I'm a win-o.

Perhaps I've been a win-o for longer than nine months, but I've officially come to terms with that label.

And thus I need to make sure I score a wine calendar this year.

There are plenty of places that sold wine calendars last holiday season, including Aldi, but it was almost impossible to get your hands on one, which is why I will probably pre-order this one.

Vinebox's 12 Nights of Wine come in two varieties, 'Naughty" and 'Nice.'

They aren't cheap, running $129 per box, but that's not too awful considering you're getting twelve different individually packaged glasses of wine, in cute tubes, in a fancy box.


You can pre-order the boxes now until November 4 and ship to yourself or send as a gift.

Plus in an effort to pretend to save you money, but instead double what they'll get from you, Vinebox will give you 15 percent off if you buy the Naughty and Nice boxes.

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