Rockfordians love to eat, no doubt about it.  Where do we love to grab a bite to eat during our lunch break, though?

No matter the day, time, or how busy I am I always make time for food.  Living in downtown Rockford, there are so many options from Woodfire, Prairie Street Brewing, Octane, Magpie, Javi's Tacos inside CJ's Public House, and so many other great dining spots to choose from.

Why do we love lunch time so much?

Two reasons we can all relate to: We get a break from work & we get to eat food.  

"On average, 62% of Americans eat lunch 6–7 days per week; 21% do so 4–5 days weekly; 13% have lunch 1–3 times weekly; and 5% skip the meal" [ift]

Let's say it's lunch time and you're wanting to try some place new in the Rockford area.  Where would you suggest someone goes to get a filling, tasty meal?

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We took it to Facebook and asked Rockford residents to recommend their favorite lunch spots in town.  Y'all gave us a major list of amazing places to enjoy your next lunch break!

Hungry? Here's 25 Delicious Places To Have Lunch In Rockford

These are the 5 restaurants I think I dine at the most, so I'll share what I order when I go there to give you an idea of what I love.

Norwegian - Pytt i Panne & mimosa flight


Rock-Pho'd - Thai tea, dragon fried rice, and sweet sausage

Baked Wings - EVERYTHING. Yes, they have options for vegans, too!



Johnny Pamcakes - Eggs benedict, hashbrowns, and orange juice

Ernie's Midtown Pub - All the appetizers to sample a little of everything

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Here are 20 more delicious lunch spots for you to try!

Mexico ClasicoGuanajuato’sLucha CantinaBurrito BravoTortilla Express

Buddy's BurgersBaker Street Burgers

Brewsky's8th Ward PubMurphy'sThe Olympic Tavern

Schiro's RestaurantSalamone'sUncle Nick's

Stockholm InnSister's Thai Cafe

BeefarooMary's MarketMission BBQCrust & Crumbles

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Let's continue to grow this list and get our food cravings handled.  What other amazing places in town would you recommend for a great lunch?

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