A huge shoutout to every essential worker right now, you're all heroes. A lot of local businesses are doing their part to say thank you, including one Machesney Park Auto Shop.

Last week Cars R’ Us started offering free oil changes to medical and restaurant workers, and now they’re offering the service to all essential workers. WTVO details -

Cars can either be dropped off at the business, at 10208 Smythe Ave, or employees will come and pick the car up while the owner is at work.

And just in case you were concerned about how sanitary it is to get work done on your car right now, owner Matt Aukes says the cars are completely disinfected before they are returned to the owner.

According to WTVO -

We wipe down the hood latch, we’re wiping down the seat adjustment, steering wheel, turn signals, inside-outside door handles, shifter knob, anything that we’re going to touch to service the vehicle…those touch points that people are obviously using on a daily basis

The service for essential workers will be offered until May 1.

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