A local woman and her sister-in-law are looking for a couple of people they believe were involved in a cemetery theft.

UPDATE: The woman spotted at the gravesite wanted to share her side of the story, 'This past October 5th my 21 year old daughter collapsed and died later that evening at St. Anthony hospital from blood clots in her lungs. I know it has been said many times but this is something no one should ever have to go through. I will be very honest in that I’m having a very hard time in accepting she is gone.  With that said I go to the cemetery almost on a daily basis that I’m sure the cemetery can verify. Anyone who spends anytime at the site knows it seems the wind is always blowing. I have on more than one occasion picked up decorations that I know go on the Tucker site and replaced them. On the day in question as we were getting ready to leave I noticed the Tucker flower arrangement was on the other side of the drive and the Christmas penguin was in the drive with tire marks on it. This was not the first time I had replaced decorations on their gravesite. I have never thought anything other than doing the right thing.  According to the post the individual states she saw me standing over the grave and she stopped and talked to me saying she told me to the put the lights down. I have found out afterwards that person was the sister in law of the Tucker family. The fact of the matter is no one ever stopped and talked to either me or my husband. We did see a silver SUV drive up behind our truck and then proceed forward when I came around the front of the truck. I assume now this is when she was taking photos of our truck and license plates. The bottom line is there was no conversation. I will be honest in that I never thought of anything of it when it happened. There was never anything sinister other than one mother thinking they are doing well for another mother. There is absolutely no validity that I did then, or ever have taken anything from anyone’s grave.'

Jamie Tucker, from Machesney Park, went on Facebook after she was alerted that thieves had stolen decorations from her son's grave.

Tucker shared a few photos including one that shows the license plate of those she believes are involved.

She describes the male suspects as "a middle-aged skinny dark-haired man and the woman passenger was probably mid-30s heavy set with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail."

The post has since been removed from Facebook.

The post had over 100 comments and had been shared nearly 400 times. However, it's not believed to be a police matter as of now.

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