In an old strip club building in Madison, a new grocery store is opening up.

Empty Buildings

It is unfortunate, no matter what city and state you visit or live in, there are always going to be abandon buildings.

Maybe, the former company went out of business or could have relocated. Regardless of the reason, it is sad to see a once-successful building just sitting vacant.

The hope is that something new will go into that location. The reality is the longer it sits there abandon, the harder it is to find a new business to reopen in that exact spot.

Many companies would rather spend the money to build a new store. Sometimes near a perfectly good empty spot.

Replacement Business

Do not get me wrong, that is not always the case. There are several businesses that have no problem going into an old building and rehabbing to have it fit their needs.

I think it is interesting to see this happen. It gives the location some character instead of being more cookie-cutter construction.

Plus, it is fun trying to figure out what the former business was in that location. Look at that new restaurant where I used to rent videos.

Not What We Were Hoping For

There are occasions where a new business will open in a vacant building but the new company is not ideal for that area.

Though we all hope that an out-of-business store will reopen as something useful for the neighborhood, it does not always work out that way.

For example, the new place could become a liquor store, bar, gambling lounge, or strip club. There is not anything wrong with those places but most families would prefer them not to open up nearby.

It could end up with a battle between the neighbors, business, and city which is never a good thing.

Good For Everyone

Sometimes, it does work our right. A much-needed store or business is brought in and the residents get excited about the new opportunity.

Check out what is happening in Madison, Wisconsin.

According to,

"Two community entrepreneurs are hoping to revitalize a portion of East Washington Avenue that has been notorious for crime and controversy over the last several years."


"A network engineer for Sun Prairie Schools and a researcher for UW’s Space Science and Engineering Center just sealed the deal on purchasing the former Visions strip club location with plans to open as a community grocery store by the end of the year."


“This particular area we are in needs something like this to uplift it.”

Good News

I really enjoy hearing stories like this one. A local resident wanting to do something to help out their community.

Hopefully, we can see more people in the Rockford community try things like this one.

How Different Will It Be

I wonder how much will they change the building. Will you be able to tell from the inside or outside that a strip club used to call the place home?

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