Imagine you're out for the night in Chicago's Gold Coast having dinner, you sit at the bar to wait for your table and Mark Wahlberg asks for your drink order.

Celebrity Bartender Night in Chicago

It's Thursday night, June 15th, and it's DATE NIGHT. You're heading out for dinner at The Bellevue in Chicago's historic Gold Coast, where romance and luxury collide in all the best ways.

Fox 32 Chicago via YouTube
Fox 32 Chicago via YouTube
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Chicago's Gold Coast is one of America's most affluent neighborhoods, with historic mansions, designer boutiques, historic hotels, and celebrated restaurants.

The Bellevue Chicago via Facebook
The Bellevue Chicago via Facebook

You thought the night was magical without a Hollywood celebrity bartender, now you actually have one.

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Mark Wahlberg Guest Bartender

Saturday night, June 15th, Mark was behind the bar pouring his tequila brand to very surprised guests at The Bellevue at 1031 N. Rush Street.


I'm not sure what kind of bartending skills Mark possesses, but it doesn't look like it mattered much to those who were lucky enough to be at the bar.

From the videos I've seen, It appears he was only pouring one drink, his tequila brand, Flecha Azul. Mark Wahlberg is the principal investor in Flecha Azul tequilas. Mark was promoting the brand at Binny's in Lincoln Park recently, but it was more posing than pouring.

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