If there's one chicken nugget I'm willing to go in on, it's McDonald's Nuggets.

It might be the breading, the chicken or the dipping sauce or maybe a combo of all three but if given the chance I'll eat a McDonald's nugget or two or three.

You get the point, I love me some McDonald's Nuggets and when I heard this news I was beyond stoked.

Only to have my dreams dashed a bit. I mean, I've got a passport so it's not completely out of the question.

McDonald’s is adding SPICY nuggets to its menu – but only for seven weeks.

I'm not bumming because they Spicy Nuggets will only last on McDonald's menus for seven weeks.

But now the humble nug is about to get the mother of all makeovers, thanks to the introduction of SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS - which are being added to McDonald's menus in the UK.

Yep, only available in the United Kingdom. C'mon McDonald's! You put together an International menu, right? It might be time to add the new McDonalds Spicy Nuggets to menus in Rockford.

In case you're wondering, McDonald's Spicy Nuggets will be available in the United Kingdom starting Wednesday, August 7.

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