The drive-in movie theater in McHenry purchased more land to expand and add more screens.

I've been a fan of drive-in movie theaters since the very first one I went to when I was just a young child. My friends and I would go in high school and college. A couple of times I took my family when we were on vacation. Of course, I went several times this summer.

It's one of the few good things that happened in 2020. It was the triumphed return of the drive-in movies. People were attending them in record numbers all summer. It got so popular, pop-up locations started throughout the area. I'm sure we'll even see new permanent spots open up next year.

Luckily, we have three official sights not far from Rockford. They are in Dixon, McHenry, and Monroe, Wisconsin. They even started hosting other events like live music, concert movies, comedy shows, film festivals. special appearances, and more. They were all being very creative.

There is some very good news for the McHenry Outdoor and its customers for next season.

According to their Facebook page...

"You may remember a post I made earlier this year about my purchasing the property that The McHenry Outdoor Theater resides on to ensure that future redevelopment would no longer be a concern. I have acquired the approx. 10 acres of land to the east of the current theater property. The end goal is to add 1 screen to the north and 1 screen to the south and in the middle will be a shared concession stand that will also house projection booths for each screen."

That's great news for drive-in fans in our area. I'm looking forward to next summer already.


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