You'd think, in 2021, we'd finally get to a point where you can't just tell other people how to live their lives.

Here's the story, Rockford native and former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams was on Instagram a few days ago talking about her new book.

Williams was just sharing what was new with her, and based on the video, it sounded like she had plenty to do. That didn't stop one "fan" from telling Williams something no one needs to say.

Michelle I love you but you need some children...u r 2 bored...

Oof. It's the kind of thing you read on Instagram (or any social media) and just cringe. Here's some guy, he doesn't know Williams, and he's telling her to have kids.

Celebs probably see so much of this garbage they just blow it off and move on. Williams saw it as an opportunity to let people know they can't do that to her.

First, Williams responded back by calling the guy an "idiot" to which the "idiot" said "was uncalled for."

No, what’s uncalled for is you telling a woman that she needs to have children. What if that woman CAN’T have children?? What if that woman DOESN’T WANT children. WATCH YOUR MOUTH and FINGERS..... Don’t you ever let that come out of your mouth or your fingers on a comment section again to ANYBODY. I would have ignored but too many people need to stay out of a woman’s uterus!!! Now scram and be blessed!!!

Boom, roasted. Somehow the guy managed to pull himself up off the ground, and actually apologized to Williams saying he "will never forget that."

Obviously, I pull for any and all Rockford folks to do great things but I'm an even bigger fan of Michelle Williams now.

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