There's no frosting, but there's also no calories on this 'donut' boat, so maybe it's the perfect way to celebrate summer with a little road trip. 

Have you been looking around lately and thinking... wait is this really happening?

We have a vaccine, people are getting vaccinated and so we're allowed to ditch the masks and actually see humans again in person?

And take fun trips with people we don't live with?

I have a hard time thinking about the early days of quarantine because for the entire month of April 2020 I was locked up in my apartment alone, but whenever I'm feeling blah I remind myself that I can leave now and almost do whatever I want!

That included going to Milwaukee this weekend for a bachelorette party.

And that party... included the donut boat. 

Which, did not include any dessert breakfast pastries, but did include a circular boat which is indeed perfect for a group of girls.

I've never had such a perfect boat ride where you can actually hear everyone on the boat and see them too.

Plus eight cup holders, a donut hole if you will, in the middle that you can use as a cooler, a grill holder or a speaker.

We rented this boat from Boat MKE, get your resos in before they book up for the summer!

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