This blast of summer heat and rain has turned into the biggest mosquito population on record. We are under attack the moment we sep outside.

Our story begins in Campbellsport, Wisconsin, a small town of about 2000, eighty miles northeast of Madison. A man walked into the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store and filled his cart with booze, $1,400 worth of booze to be exact, and then made a run for it. The manager recognized the man because it was his fourth time stealing from the store. The manager chased him but couldn't catch him before he got into his getaway car, with driver waiting.

Miles later, as the police were chasing them, the thief tucked and rolled out of the getaway vehicle. The driver of the getaway car, John Wilson, quickly parked and ran into a cornfield. The mosquitoes in this field were so bad, even the police who were surrounding it were dousing themselves in bug spray. It took just about an hour before John Wilson could no longer stand the constant biting. He raised his hands and surrendered.

Police still have not located the booze thief.


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