Another weekend of NFL games, and still no one has a clue on how to tackle a QB and not be penalized. Players and fans are angry.

Green Bay Packer defensive stud Clay Mathews has been at the very center of the QB tackle controversy.

The NFL, in an effort to protect quarterbacks, have made it near impossible to determine how a player should tackle a quarterback. No shoulder, no helmet, don't push all the way through him, don't fall on him, don't let all your weight rest upon him. It making great defensive players second-guess their tremendous skills. Identical tackles, at different games, could end up with different results when it comes to the yellow flag. That's not good if even the refs don't know exactly how to call it.

That's about to change.

Thankfully, because of this video below, we now know the way to tackle a quarterback in the NFL without drawing a penalty.

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