When a list featuring the most popular Netflix shows in each state dropped yesterday, I kind of thought it was going to be something we've all seen or at the very least expected to see. I was way wrong.

Matter of fact, I couldn't believe what I was seeing after I checked out the trailer for what was deemed as Illinois' most popular Netflix show.

The name of the show is called American Vandal. Two seconds with the trailer and you get the idea that this isn't the real deal, and after you find out some of the folks behind the Funny Or Die team was involved, it all starts coming together.

Here's the trailer. It's pretty NSFW (and really funny), so you've been warned.

Thrillist put the whole list together mentioning Orange Is The New Black is most popular across the country while remarking Illinois' top choice American Vandal shows "Toilet humor remains strong in the national conscience."

Most People Haven't Heard Of Illinois' 'Most Popular Netflix Show'

American Vandal was also the top choice in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Kansas.

If you live in Illinois and haven't watched American Vandal yet, it looks like you have a new show to binge watch this weekend.

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