Just a few weeks ago Kyle Schwarber was sent to Iowa to beef up his skills, after last night's catch in the stands, it looks like he deserve to be back in the MLB.

Oh, Kyle Schwarber.

The Chicago Cub who was injured almost all of last season but came in the final round of the playoffs to be a World Series Champ.

Then he got sent to the Iowa Cubs this summer because, let's face it, he was sucking.

Last night though, his amazing catch in the bottom of the sixth inning probably secured his spot on the Cubs roster for a while.

Catching a foul ball was always the best part of playing softball. Because while there's pressure to catch it and make the out, it was a relaxed pressure because if you don't catch it, it's just a strike.

But when you add a stadium to the mix, diving into the fans to make that catch changes that foul catch.

Great job, Schwarb. I know your number one fan, my niece Ava, was super proud.

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