Typically around this time of year every turns their attention to the Decorah, Iowa Eagle Cam.

Not this year. Rockford has new stars to watch.

The peregrine falcons atop the Rockford Register Star News Tower.

Almost two weeks ago I wrote a blog about the return of these once endangered falcons to Illinois and how this pair is fascinating to the Forest city because they've built a nest in which the first chick will be born in Rockford.

Well fast forward to today. The nest at the top of the Register Star News Tower has now increased from one egg to four. (rrstar.com) The "Sinnissippi Audubon Society paid for the two webcams" to be placed at the nest site in the towers drainage channel for all the world to watch as the hatching grows nearer.

It's down to 17 days until hatching.

Click here to see all the action.

Or save this link, rrstar.com/falconfeedin your browser.

Then you won't miss a minute of the celebrity peregrine falcon couple Louise and Gigi and their soon to be brood.







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