The big MoviePass news is everywhere but does it work everywhere including Rockford?

That was the question that ran through my mind every time I saw a news outlet report on the service.

In case you didn't know, MoviePass is a paid service people can use to book tickets for movies. You order tickets through the app, and you can see one movie every 24 hours under the new plan.

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You see, MoviePass used to cost up to $49.95 a month but suddenly dropped the price yesterday to $9.95. The big drop in price has made waves everywhere, with AMC Theaters slamming the service saying MoviePass "is not in the best interest of moviegoers, movie theatres, and movie studios.”

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AMC's statement is debatable considering a monthly service charging a scant $9.95 a month would pay for itself if used only once every 30 days.

However, none of this matters for Rockford residents if you can't use the service locally. Sadly, there's no clear cut answer without signing up for the service, which includes paying for the $9.95 up front.

Out of sheer curiosity, I took the plunge and signed up for MoviePass hoping to see if Rockford area AMC Theaters were part of the deal.

The MoviePass experience so far hasn't been much help. At one point, the clunky app notified me I needed to type in the last four digits of my Movie Pass card. What? Of course, it's a card that I don't actually have, yet.

If the whole thing is app based there shouldn't be a need for physical card, right? Wrong.


You can't do anything without the card. Thankfully, MoviePass sends you one in the mail. So I can't do anything until I receive the card, you know, in the mail.

Worse yet, it's the only thing that will actually help me find out if I can actually use the service in Rockford.

So to answer the question of, "Does MoviePass work in Rockford?" I'm compelled to reply with an "I don't know." Because I don't know, and nearly anyone else that has signed up for the service doesn't know either.

I guess I have to wait until I get the card. Until then, I guess I can daydream about the possibility of seeing a movie once every 24 hours.

UPDATE: Yes, MoviePass works at AMC Theaters in the Rockford area but you can't do anything until you get the card in the mail. Also, you can only buy your tickets within 100 yards of the movie theater. That's kind of weird.

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