I fully believe police officers, firefighters, and other first responders are some of the most giving, loyal, and hard-working people you will ever meet. I have several of those kinds of people in my life, so I consider myself truly blessed to be able to experience their courageous natures on a daily basis.

First responders continuously go out of their way to help others, and most of the time that effort far outstretches the daily duties of their jobs. People like this week's Hometown Hero, Chief Jason White of the Mr. Morris Police Department, are a perfect example of the kind of people I'm talking about.

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Here is the nomination letter received from grateful Mt. Morris resident, Jan Broderick about Chief White;

This man is selfless and giving. He helps people when they need it for bills. Clean off windows in the winter time for those who are unable. Leave checks on the locals to make sure they are safe and secure. Has my 80-year-old sister Long. Call him personally every day before 11 to make sure she is OK. We were stranded in Machesney Park and he was the only one we could call on a Sunday at the last minute to help us out. His response time on it. Came in no time that is safely back to Mount Morris with no questions asked. It’s a heart of gold. He is Mount Morris‘s hometown hero. Is loved by all in his community. So reliable with open arms.

Jan also sent us this pic of Chief White to further prove his devotion to helping others in need....please notice he is in plain clothes here...

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

I may not be a resident of Mt. Morris, but it's easy to see the town is extremely blessed to have a man like Chief White protecting them. Chief White, as a small token of our appreciation for your constant community efforts, we would like to give you this week's Hometown Hero honor and throw in a $100 Amazon gift card from our friends at Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. We feel pretty confident you will put it to good use...hopefully on something that makes YOUR day better.

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