Pizza deals in Rockford? This is a National food holiday we can get behind!

In a perfect world, National Pizza Day would be at least once a week. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world, so we'll have to settle for celebrating today.

Happy National Pizza Day!

I just wanted to say that to you one more time before I give you the power to get pizza discounts today.

So, let's jump right in.

According to WGN TV, there are a bunch of specials we can take advantage of today.

Papa John's - 40% off all regular-prices pizzas the entire month!

Dominos - They're just doing their regular specials today... which are pretty good, including medium 2 topping pan pizza for just $8.99.

Chuck E. Cheese's - $2 off any large pizza with this coupon.

Pizza Hut - Possibly the coolest discount, Pizza Hut and Amazon got together and decided if you order a pizza using Amazon Echo, Fire TV or Fire tablet, you get 30% off of your order, and even if you just pick up the phone or order online, you can get a pizza for just $6.

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