We get it, there's only so much we can do right now in the middle of a pandemic.

You can either, A. sit around and wait it out (which is fine) or B. do something, albeit safely.

Most of us have chosen "A" for the past few months but the longer this goes, more and more of us choose "B."

It's important that we get out and do things, staying indoors cooped up for months on end will do you no good.

Despite the fact there are no new movies showing at the moment, I'm excited the Midway Drive-In is taking a chance with a couple of forgotten 80s flicks.

As far as I'm concerned Gremlins is an absolute 80s classic.

The Lost Boys is the perfect compliment to Gremlins.

Both of them will show back-to-back this weekend at the Midway Drive-In.

While they are both different types of movies, both nail that 80s horror movie vibe with some solid comedic elements too.

You have to buy tickets in advance to get into the Midway Drive-In. You'll also need to purchase a food voucher for $10, allowing you to bring in your own snacks.

The Midway Drive-In is located at 91 Palmyra Road in Sterling.

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