Are you ready to go back? Like, back in time?

Like back to the summer of 2020 when all of the theatres were closed and all new movie releases came to a screeching halt?

Obviously, the less remembered about the past few years the better but I recall drive-in theaters experiencing a major boon in popularity but with nothing new to show on their screens, many operators went with old-school classics.

Now, a couple of years later, theaters are open but ticket sales are way off from where they used to be. Production companies are holding off on new movies and releases are trickling out.

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So I can't blame the Midway Drive-In theater at all for leaning into what has worked well for them the past few years, playing the classics.

And it doesn't get much more classic than the Back to the Future trilogy of flicks.

If you've never had the chance to watch Back to The Future on the big screen you should probably check it out. The best part is you can this weekend as the Midway has announced plans to show all three of them back to back to back.

The Midway will show all three of the flicks this Saturday, September 3, and Sunday, September 4.

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One of the holdovers from 2020 still exists at the Midway. You can purchase tickets in advance via their website.

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