A car parked in Chicago had its alarm go off every half hour for nearly two days.

As horrible as that sounds, apparently it wasn't towed. It was, however, ticketed by Chicago Police but that's only half the story.

Residents who live on the 500 block of West Oakdale Avenue in Chicago also left a few "love notes" for the "inconsiderate" car owner.

One note read:

Dear Pilot owner,
Car alarms are not supposed to have a snooze button. Please order pizzas for every resident on Oakdale! One pizza for each hour your car alarm went off.
Thank you!

Another was a tad bit harsher:

To: inconsiderate f'n a**hole

Get your car out of our neighborhood.
Your f'kn alarm went off every 1/2 hour since yesterday afternoon.
Yes, ALL NIGHT & for some reason, it wasn't towed.
We hope you suffer many sleepless nights & have many irritations in your life for weeks to come & years.
You are an inconsiderate a**hole.

Ouch. A Post-it note was attached, presumably from another Oakdale resident.


skeezysteev via Reddit
skeezysteev via Reddit

Did some of the people who live on Oakdale take it a bit too far? Probably. The owner of the Honda Pilot was clearly not around to take care of the alarm.

If this happened in your neighborhood in Rockford or one of the surrounding areas, what would you do? What kind of "love note" would you have left for this "inconsiderate driver?"

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