For the Chicago Bears game on Thursday night, check out this new wing place in Rockford.

My favorite sport by far is NFL football. I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan, so of course, I watch all their games. My family has season tickets, so I'm at all the home games. This week's game is special. Its Thursday on national TV against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That was one of the games I was really looking forward to going to. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to any fans going at Soldier Field all season.

That means I really have to step up my at-home watching experience. I've got the team gear, comfy recliner, and perfect television. The only thing I'm missing is my game-time meal. I'm definitely not making anything, so I need to find some tasty curbside.

I'm a big fan of wings, so I think that's going to be my choice. Plus, there's a new wing place in Rockford I've been meaning to check out. It's called "Baked Wings."

Here's a little history on the place. Scott and Brit Frank, the owners of Ciao Bella Italian Kitchen, are in the same situation as all the local restaurants. The state COVID-19 restrictions have really made keeping their business going very difficult. They have used creative ways to serve their customers. Their latest project is starting a new business. Wings are very popular, so they decided to start their own place. Hence, Baked Wings was born.

The logo is great...

And their menu...

Picture Courtesy Of Baked Wings

Do you notice a theme? It's related to the new Illinois law that came into effect on January 1st, 2020. Anybody have the munchies? You might say they are the opposite of a certain national chicken chain in town. Besides all the different delicious wing flavors. They serve grape, orange, and strawberry crush. That's awesome. Plus, some tasty desserts.

There's pick-up and delivery. Remember, if you order delivery, do it directly through them. It helps out their business a lot better. That goes for any local restaurant.

Check out their website or Facebook page, HERE. For the whole scoop.

You might even want to pick up one of their t-shirts.

Picture Courtesy Of Baked Wings

Now, you've got your tailgate party menu set. Let's Go Bears. Please support our local businesses.

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