Every highway is dangerous. It's just apparently, some are more dangerous than others.

Now, this highway doesn't exactly run through the 815 but if you travel south from Chicago, there's a very good chance you've taken a ride on this thing.

I recall driving on this one back in the day during a family trip to Kentucky.

There was no accident but our car broke down and I remember hanging in the teeny tiny town of Dix, Illinois waiting to get our ride fixed.

Anyway, according to a list of America's Most Dangerous Highways for Summer Travelers by Mediafeed, they say Illinois' deadliest is I-57.

Google Maps
Google Maps


The i-57 is an Interstate Highway that travels generally in a north-south direction thru 2 US states, those states being; Illinois and Missouri.

The i-57 serves as a short-cut for the i-55 for those travelling from the greater Chicago area into Tennessee and points further south... as the i-57 by-passes the more westerly path of the i-55 towards and thru the St. Louis area.

Mediafeed's research shows that there have been 39 different fatalities on I-57 and the second deadliest in the state is I-55 with 37.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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Needless to say, both of those highways are dangerous but realistically all highways, roads, streets, and cul de sacs, no matter where you're operating a motor vehicle, it can be scary and life threatening.

Get Jerry put together a list of things that you can do to ensure that you get to where you're going this summer without issue, and they include:

  • Get comfortable
  • Limit distractions
  • Master merging
  • Always signal
  • Maintain a safe distance

There are a few others that you can look up right HERE.


I know what you're thinking, "Duh, dude. These are all things I already do while driving."

Just remember it's not about you when you're driving, it's the other guy.

Keep that in mind this summer, and stay safe.

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