Since the beginning of the pandemic, it doesn't look like it takes much to tick off an Illinoisan.

People were irritable before but now, it seems we're on a whole new level at least according to a new study.

I hope I don't get you mad by mentioning Illinois is one of the angriest states in America. surveyed just over 3,000 Americans and found that the average Illinois resident has an "Anger Episode" 7 times a week. I'm no math major but that's about once a day. What this study tells me is we get mad on the daily. Whether it be the current life situation we're stuck with or something as simple as missing a red light, we get upset a lot.

In case you're wondering, we're just above the national average. Most of the states surveyed were at about 6 "Anger Episodes" per week.

The angriest state in America? Delaware. Why? I don't know. Have you ever been to Delaware?

Anyway, I decided to look up a few ways we could be less angry, and I found 13 Steps to Take Back Your Life. One of the ways to be less angry is to "Be open about your frustrations" and the second, "Write out the good things in your life."  See the rest at

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