So much for all the Illinois hate you normally see on the internet.

I mean, if you're going to live with gigantic property taxes you might as well get some cheap beer to make life a bit easier.

According to Simple. Thrifty. Living., "Illinois came in as the cheapest state for beer at $15.20 a case, dethroning Michigan (now tied for number 5) for the top spot."

Simple. Thrifty. Living.
Simple. Thrifty. Living.

To get their numbers they used a mix of urban and rural zip codes to find prices of retail Bud Light and Miller Lite beers. Simple. Thrifty. Living. then averaged the two together and rounded to the nearest cent. Somehow, some way, beer came out cheaper in Illinois than anywhere else.

As surprising as that is to me, Simple. Thrifty. Living. says "Illinois and Michigan are the only states to remain in the top 5 cheapest states from the previous study (2017)."

So take it while the getting is good. The minute lawmakers find out beer is cheaper in Illinois than other states you know a brand new tax will get levied.

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