Regardless of your choice in career, there's always something you strive for. President's Clubs, Salesperson of the Year, Employee of the Month, we all have our thing.

Well for a faculty member and students at Northern Illinois University, it's the Grammy Awards! According to WREX, nominations for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards include just that! Dan Nichols, Head of Recording Services in the School of Music at NIU, is nominated in three different categories, where he is joined by a current student, an alumni, and faculty member. The nominations are in "Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance", "Best Classical Compendium", & "Best World Music Album". Nichols already has a Grammy for his work as an engineer in 2016.

I'm sure they will all tell you just being nominated is a reward in itself but how cool would it be if they won all three! Not only for all involved but for the school as well. The Grammy's will be Sunday January 26th. Not all the awards make it to the airwaves but I'll definitely be checking back to see if they won.

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