If you've lived in the Midwest your entire life, I think it's safe to say that you know that our poor friends in Iowa have been the brunt of a lot of jokes and stereotypes.

You know the ones, that they're just a bunch of redneck farmers who drive tractors to work and live without indoor plumbing and electricity.

Or my favorite, I heard this one a lot when I lived there for 14 months- that Iowa stands for Idiots Out Walking Around.

Obviously none of that's true, however, our good friends to the west aren't doing themselves any favors with this recent news from WGN.

We see yellow signs with deer on them on Illinois roads and highways all of the time; most of us understand that it's a warning that deer are in the area and they might cross the road at any given time.

However, people in Iowa seem to think it's a crosswalk sign and not a caution sign. To clarify, the Iowa Department of Transportation issued a reminder to drivers that deer can't read.

I'm going to give these people the benefit of doubt.

Perhaps the question is just misunderstood. Maybe people are trying to say "why don't you put the sign at the spot the deer are most likely to cross at" which, even so, couldn't be pinpointed.

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