Praise the coffee gods, Starbucks stores are back open in Rockford!

YES I KNOW THIS ISN'T THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH. But it's nice, ok, so if you're a hater, then you probably don't want to keep reading.

But if you're a *Starbucks Lover* you do want to keep reading.... *Starbucks Lover* by the way, the most popular inaccurate Taylor Swift lyric ever.

So my friend posted on Facebook that the Starbucks at Bell School and E. State was open today and I was like, YES! I'm not even that far from the Harrison location, but it's just not in the right direction for things I need right now, so I only went to Starbucks once while staying home, well, ladies and gentlemen, that's all changed now.

I just checked the Starbucks app and the following locations ARE open:

  • State & Trainer
  • South Alpine & Harrison
  • State & Bell School
  • N. Perryville & Olde Creek
  • Forest Hills and Riverside
  • Route 173 & Orlando
  • Genoa & Chrysler
  • Jewel Osco in Sycamore

I am going to be a happy coffee camper this week, I hope this makes you happy, too!

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