I've seen rumors floating around the internet about this for months. However, recently it's been confirmed by a source I really trust. Rolling Stone details -

After months of rumors, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang has confirmed to Rolling Stone that a three-day festival honoring the 50th anniversary of the original event is coming to Watkins Glen, New York on August 16th, 17th and 18th.

Unlike most festivals that exclusively target a young audience, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang hopes to bring in people of all ages. They want the festival to bring different generations together through their love of music. Rolling Stone also says -

Organizers won’t be announcing specific acts until tickets go on sale in February, but Lang says that over 40 performers have been booked already across three stages, including some big-name headliners. “It’ll be an eclectic bill,” Lang says. “It’ll be hip-hop and rock and some pop and some of the legacy bands from the original festival.”

As a music lover and avid concert-goer I am very interested to see how this all plays out, who knows, maybe I'll have to go see for myself.

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