Talk about needing a facelift, this building found in Illinois apparently could use one.

That's if you believe Markie Young, who outlined The 10 Ugliest Buildings in the USA.

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At the top of the list is the Thompson Center in Chicago.

Markie Young:

Found in the heart of Chicago, the ‘James R. Thompson Centre’ was designed by Helmut Jahn, a German architect...who decided the best place to house the city officials of Illinois would be in a giant upside down spaceship.

With 17 floors and an exterior of pure glass, the Thompson centre is a prime example of just how divisive post-modern architecture can be. Avid film watchers may have seen this building pop up in the films like “The Kid who Loved Christmas” or in “Running Scared”, however, I feel I’d be running away if I was near this building.

Truthfully, I don't find the building that ugly. Interesting for sure, and while it's definitely a choice the reason for the glass makes total sense.

Here's why according to

The openness and transparency of the building are meant to symbolize the state’s commitment to serving the people.

That said, I find it kind of hilarious that Illinois, of all places, has a building made of pure glass to show transparency when historically speaking, politicians in the state are some of the most corrupt in America.

People do find the building more rad than ugly at least according to TripAdvisor users who call it "Postmodern architecture at its best" and that "you must go to this building" if you love taking pictures of cool buildings.

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