There are good restaurants, bad restaurants, break-up restaurants, and date restaurants.

There are a whole bunch in between dating and breaking up and while a good break-up restaurant typically is very dark and maybe loud and possibly out of the way, what makes a good date restaurant?

Thankfully, I don't have to make the distinction because the folks at Open Table did it for me.

They listed the 50 Best Restaurants in America for a Date and six of the 50 are in Illinois and one is pretty close to Rockford too.

First off, what makes a restaurant a good date restaurant? It looks like Open Table is allowed their users to decide that for us.

The list of honorees is based on an analysis of 12,000,000+ reviews of more than 30,000 restaurants across the country—all submitted by verified diners.

If you feel like you can trust over 10,000 Open Table reviews of Wildfire, 1250 East Higgins in Schaumburg, you might be getting ready to eat at one of the best date restaurants in the US.

Great service, great food, great drinks. Asked to be seated in a certain area and they did it. HIGHLY recommend Wildfire.

Since not one Rockford joint made the list, what restaurant do you think is the best for a date?

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