It's always a good time to celebrate one of our very own being named one of the 'Happiest Hounds' in America. 

There's a lot of stressful news filling our minds these days... on TV, on our phones, via our computer screens... however you consume news, it's likely mostly negative. So, it's always a good time to share some positivity, especially when it's about a dog named Oswald.

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Oswald lives in Dixon, Illinois and spends most of his time with his owner Rebecca. She says that she rescued him three years ago and that Oswald loves spending time outside and making the family laugh.

Illinois' Happiest Hound

I know this because, Oswald and Rebecca are guests tonight (November 1, 2023) on Good Day Stateline.

Rebecca submitted Oswald's photo and story to the website, TrustedHousesitters earlier this year and after the votes were tabulated, Oswald ended up in third place in the competition.

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The website caters toward pet owners and pet lovers who are looking for someone to watch their dogs while they're away.

Rebecca told me that she has used the site a few times, which is how she saw the contest and submitted Oswald.

You'll have to watch GDS tonight at 5:30 and 11 on FOX39 to meet Oswald yourself.

Speaking of happy hounds, we know you have one or two at home too. We'd always love to hear about your happy hounds, other pets, your kids... really anything that makes you happy... just send us a message in the app chat, or hit us up on Facebook. 

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