If you grew up or still live in the midwest, a Friday during Lent means a fish fry.

However, all restaurants that serve up the traditional fish fry aren't always equal.

Some places make so much of the fish expecting large crowds, there's a chance you could get it cold, under or over cooked or worse yet, soggy.

There are some places that do it better than anywhere else, thankfully Only In Your State ranked the 9 best fish fry spots in Illinois you need to try.

Wouldn't you know it, one of the best fish fry hot spots is in Rockford. Coming in at #9 on the list is the Hoffman House at 7550 E. State Street.

Most casual dinners think of the Hoffman House as "the place that serves an incredible Prime Rib."

But Only In Your State says about the Hoffman House fish fry, "Expect delicious cod and walleye at this restaurant's Friday tradition. Each entree comes with a baked potato and warm bread."

The place voted the best fish fry in Illinois is a quick trip down I-90 in Marengo. Trio Grille in Marengo according to Only In Your State, "The fish at this restaurant comes with some unusual, but delicious sides! When you order it, expect some unique potato pancakes and sour cream."

If you're looking for fish fry this Friday you now have two options, either stay local and head to Hoffman House or take a quick trip to Marengo. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Which Rockford area restaurant do you think has the best fish fry?

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