A chapter in the history of 2021 will cover businesses affected by a lack of employees. Whatever the reason, be it unemployment or competitive new-hire employee benefits, many businesses are having to scale back on services or service hours.


If you listen to local radio you are almost guaranteed to hear commercials shooting their pitch to potential new employees.

Great pay, benefits, and a $_____ sign-on bonus!

If you're not noticing staff-shortage at your favorite restaurant or water hole take a look at shelves at the store, they're becoming barer and barer.

Credit: bgton
Credit: bgton

Personally, I know a restaurant/bar general manager who finds himself doing the cooking because he is so short on staff. (Let this be a reminder to be patient and kind when dining in a restaurant.)

One of Northern Illinois's favorite restaurants announced a cut-back in hours of operation starting this week.

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Mary's Market Cafe & Bakery, which has four locations throughout the Rockford area, is one of many businesses feeling the effects of not being able to find working bodies. They have no choice but to cut back the hours at one of their locations in Rockford.

We are so disappointed to have to say this...

Mary's Market is trimming the hours of their Perryville Road location, effective immediately, except Fridays and Saturdays.

The temporary plan is for Mary’s Market on Perryville to be open from 7 am-3 pm, Sunday-Thursday. All other Mary’s Market locations will remain open usual hours.

Credit: gguy44
Credit: gguy44

Coincidentally, Mary's Market is looking for full and part-time workers for days and evenings. They're looking to fill all positions including cooks, cashiers, managers, dishwashers, etc. You, or someone you know, can apply www.marysmarket.com.

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