I always knew that Rockford had history but I had no idea that there was still a home in town that's been around as long as this one.

Like most things nearly 200 years old, the facts change a bit and are ultimately lost to time but the Herrick Cobblestone is said to be the oldest home in Rockford.

At nearly 180-years-old, the historic Herrick Cobblestone was built in 1842 according to the Rockford Public Library.

TheMrDavidLangley on YouTube says the home, 2127 Broadway Street, was put up in 1847.


Little is know (sp) about original resident Elijah L. Herrick. Because of the nature of his house, it has been suggested that Herrick was a cobblestone mason. The stones are from the nearby Rock River.

How cool is that? Almost the entire home was built using rocks from the Rock River? Awesome.

I do have a question though. The YouTuber who took the video only shot the outside of the home. Something tells me they weren't given permission to be there ahead of time, so I'm pretty sure they were trespassing. FYI, you shouldn't do that.

Anyway, it's a cool video showing some serious Rockford history, that many of us (including myself) have driven past many times without noticing.

Next time you're cruising down Broadway see if you can spot it among the rest of the homes.

The house is listed on Zillow but currently not for sale

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