A survey of almost 1,300 US cities showed that one of the best small towns in the country is just outside of Rockford.

Small town living is where it's at. Growing up in Chicago, I never thought I'd say that. However, after growing up in Chicago, living in a sleepy bedroom community has been the change I never knew I needed.

It's slow, and not much to do, yet, I love it. The town I live in isn't on the list, but who knows, it might not have even been surveyed.

WalletHub did some extensive research trying to find the best small cities in the US. One of the small cities that made the list is one of the best small towns in America is just outside of Rockford.

According to WalletHub, the best small town is Princeton, New Jersey. Overall, Princeton scored a 61.90 and ranked number one in economic health, and seventh in education and health.

A little down the list at the ten spot, is Crystal Lake. The suburb is only 45 minutes outside of Rockford. Crystal Lake ranked 10th overall and scored a 56.23 overall.

Here's the top 10:

  1. Princeton, NJ
  2. Littleton, CO
  3. Dublin, OH
  4. Brookfield, WI
  5. Leawood, KS
  6. Southlake, TX
  7. Westfield, IN
  8. Northampton, MA
  9. Ankeny, IA
  10. Crystal Lake, IL

You can see where your town ranks and how WalletHub explains their data here.