It's one thing to get a decent meal. It's a whole other thing to get a meal with an incredible view.

Travel Awaits released the 14 Top Restaurants With a View, According to Our Readers, and included on the list is a place in Illinois.

If you thought obviously it's in Chicago, you'd be right, but do you know where exactly?

To me, this is either a very touristy thing to do when visiting Chicago or a bucket list type item that most of us would want to do at some point or another in our life.

I mean, my wife and I have talked about just going there to grab a drink, because from the sound (and I guess the look) of things it really is worth the trip.

Travel Awaits:

Indulge in panoramic skyline and shoreline views high above the city of Chicago in family-owned The Signature Room. Located atop the former John Hancock Center, visitors take a specially marked elevator to go directly to the restaurant. Upon arriving in the restaurant, diners are treated to an amazing view of northern, eastern, and southern Chicago.

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The Signature Room at the 95th ranked 8th on Travel Awaits list right behind the Le Jules Verne, a restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

When you're listing a place among something as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, you know you're in for an incredible night out.

The Signature Room at the 95th is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue.

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