Perryville Road, where drivers take speed limit signs as the "minimum," not the actual "limit."

That's because most people on Perryville Road are flying, zipping, and weaving everywhere, very fast.

One Rockford Tweet Perfectly Sums Up What It's Like To Drive On Perryville Road

There have been speed traps in the past that have nabbed a speeder or two but it seems more often than not, Perryville Road doubles as Rockford's little Autobahn.

That's why this one tweet from Ryan Smiley summed up what's it like to drive on Perryville Road.

We hope he just didn't dox himself with this tweet but you have to believe, he might be on to something.

If he is, and you agree, now might be a good time to watch your speeds on Perryville Road.

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